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Published on August 28, 2008 By Emperor_Seth In Everything Else

I know this thread just be closed but these forums, why? Why must forums be taken over by subjects involving Impulse?

on Aug 28, 2008

Because people keep talking about Impulse. I believe you can set up an RSS feed to view only what you want, though.


on Aug 28, 2008

Ahh, the RSS mention again. I'd like to ask a few that know. If you run a feed to view these forums to another site, would you be able to reply from there? As you can see I really know nothing about them, but our GC2 Empire does have a domain and this RSS thing could just be the thing to help some of our members that have started getting jaded towards the visiting the official forum anymore.

on Aug 28, 2008

would you be able to reply from there?
Probably not, but it would link to the threads I think. Unfortunately, I only know next to nothing about them.


on Aug 28, 2008

Probably not, but it would link to the threads I think.


Thanks for the info. Even if we can't post back it would keep people in the loop and it is only a click away for them to reply.

on Aug 28, 2008

If you are using FF  hit this link to add it to yoru bookmark bar:

It's dirt easy and will give you a taste of what is available.


I got to it my clicking on the RSS button on this page:

then I click on the  original feed View Feed XML link

on Aug 29, 2008

cool! Thanks Zubaz . I can say I learned something today

on Aug 29, 2008

Let me (and everyone else) know how you like it.

I use iGoogle and have custom feeds grouped on tabs for easy access.  Works well for just seeing what I want.